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The current design of a website is not only based on the use of certain graphics and HTML layout. Today is an integration of technologies, techniques and business policies with a certain amount of craftsmanship.

The exclusive use of flash, although it can achieve attractive presentation and movement, make it rather heavy to download and do not promote in search engines. The same applies if the project is developed exclusively for Javascript programming.

To have a full and proper development must be combined properly the different technologies available. The design and layout HTML and CSS up the structure of a web page. But a comprehensive project to WWW also means the use of programming technologies like PHP and JavaScript for dynamic information

b2internet.com is the company department responsible SYSMAS SL byMeGM offer the best options in the design, development and programming of internet space, integrating technologies in a balanced manner and using the tools available for better analysis and monitoring.

We also provide location-based services, e-commerce, hosting, domains, and everything related to your website, covering markets such as Spanish, Latin American, UK and Italy.


We use all the techniques and structures needed for a good natural placement in major search engines.

Sitemaps, Structure, Style Sheets, Thread of Ariadne, Maps, Webs, directory structuring, keys, descriptions, links and other friendly natural positioning options so that your business website is ready to reach the top.

Also help you to create and configure accounts free google applications like AddWords, AddSense and others available.
We also collaborate with other companies positioning to make technical improvements recommended by them for campaigns aimed at improving the performance of your website in the searches.

Posizionamento Google, Yahoo, Bing

HTML layout and CSS for the structuring of information technology on the client JavaScript and server-side PHP allow dynamic information as well as the simplicity of loading and maintenance and to provide an expandable structure that enhances your website.

Programming and data hosting server allows the web site owner be your own content management system to not depend on others and reach to manage positioning information according to their need.

Our development department, planning and research, called byMeGM working on the integration of new technologies for implementation that best fits your needs

Tecnologie: Apache, PHP, Mysql, JS.
Graphic Design

Graphic Design is essential in the face of your visitors. Must are focused to please, attract attention and convey the desired feelings.

The colors, logos, fonts and paragraphs, and distribution are also part of the design.

Striking a balance and spaces oriented easy understanding of the structure, reading and surfing information to allow access in a few steps (clicks) to which you wish to communicate to the user is fundamental to the overall graphic layout design.

The graphic design team will integrate all the designs and colors that your business already has and develop the best and most effective proposals

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